Jewellery shoot for Winsor bishop Jewelers - James Neale

I was recently commissioned for a shoot with Norwich jewelers Winsor Bishop. 

They needed some new images of jewelry to add to their eCommerce store. 

Photographing jewellery is probably one of the hardest subjects that I shoot. The shiny material causes issues with reflections, the tiniest piece of dust looks massive, and that's before I try and fit my large hands in the small little gloves needed to handle the piece. :) 

It was a great shoot and I really enjoyed working with the team. 

Here are a few of the images from the shoot. 


London Jewelery Photographer James Neale is available to photograph rings, diamonds, necklaces, watches and cufflinks in London. If you have a project that you are organising and you are looking for a photographer please do get in touch with James Neale.

James Neale

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