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Photography for your website and marketing materials are so important, but so is the photographer you use.

last week I was shooting for a regular client Saxon Air. They had just had a new Private Jet delivered and they needed new photos. So I was intrigued as to what the jet looked like so I quickly typed in to Google, 'legacy 500 jet'

One page led to another and before I knew it I was looking at some of Saxon Air's Competitors.

I then started to look at some of the photography on the sites and some of it was horrendous!

These companies are expecting clients to part with thousands of pounds of their hard earned cash, yet their websites certainly don't shout quality or luxury.

So lets compare a couple of images.

Which one shouts luxury, expensive and quality?

If you were looking to book a Private Jet and both companies offered the service you wanted, same price, same location, which company would you be more likely to call?

Lets use another example, I need to book a hotel. I know where I want to go, know my price range and I want the hotel to have a spa. I start filtering the results down and I am left with two choices.

Which one are you going to book?

So the point to my story is, photography is extremely important for your business, but choosing the right photographer is even more important.

I am available for all types of commercial photography and travel all over the UK. I would love to chat to you regarding your photography needs, so feel free to give me a call so we can make sure your photography is making the most of your business.


PS, I could resist sharing these images I came across on a hotel website, would you book to stay? Maybe he's the butler...


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